Cosmetics & Body Care

Bath and body products are everywhere. From body lotions to shampoos and everything in-between, but they have unusual challenges that deserve special consideration when labelling them. Firstly, such products are typically long lasting (i.e. the consumer uses a small amount regularly rather than emptying a full container into a food recipe for instance). This longevity means the products are subjected to high levels of ‘abuse’ (a polite term to describe what consumers often do during the product's life).


At Code-It Labels, we can produce a range of cosmetic labels to suit the requirements of your products. Our cosmetic labels are designed and printed according to your needs, with a design and quality that your customers will find instantly appealing. Our cosmetic label designs include the options of gold and silver foil to improve the overall look and feel of your packaging and an element of quality that will help sell your products to a wider market.


Cosmetic Label Effects and Design Options


  • A choice of self-adhesive label materials so your product stands out

  • ‘No look’ label design which uses clear polypropylene or polyethylene, giving the effect of having no label on the product

  • Gold or silver foil additions to enhance the overall design

  • Holographic foil or special spot varnishes

  • Whatever your cosmetic label design preferences, we can come up with a design to suit your product and help you get the best results with increased sales, brand recognition and repeat custom

  • Our digital facilities allow us to cater for a range of label production requirements. So whether you require very small print quantities or a large label production run, we can meet your needs