Chemical & Hazard Labels

In a world where hazardous materials and dangerous chemicals can so easily precipitate an ‘incident’, it is imperative to comply with current UK & European standards for all manufacture, supply and distribution procedures.


We provide hazardous chemical labels to ensure you meet your legal requirements, avoid fines and ensure the safety of your customers, employees and the public at large. We are experts at safety labelling and can provide a label for every material at a low cost.


Code It­­ Label printing in Warrington are specialist printers of chemical labels for a range of hazardous chemicals and other dangerous products and are able to satisfy the requirements of customers looking for a specialised chemical label whether it be for a small quantity such as 100 or for larger quantities which could run into hundreds of thousands.

Automotive Labels

Code-It Labels produce a variety of labels for car care product manufacturers for both retail and trade applications.


These flexo digitally printed car care product labels can be made from a range of specialist papers or filmic substrates such as polypropylene or polyethylene, which allow the bottle to be labelled up before filling. The flexibility of these filmic materials ensures that the labels adhere during the filling process.


The labels can be printed to portray a ‘high tech’­­ look, an exclusive premium product look, or whatever image you want to portray on your car care products to add a unique touch to your brands.