Domino 610i Digital Label Printing Press
Digital with Foil and Varnishing

Digital Printing is great for on-demand digital labels and overlay printing to excellent photographic quality with the added luxury of variable foil and spot or full varnishing.  We print low to medium run labels on our new Domino 610i digital press which makes light work of full colour custom product labels. When white ink comes into play, the Domino 610i press simply leaves its competitors for dead. With 80% opacity, making your labels stand out from the crowd is the main reason we chose this machine. 

Code It Label Ltd Flexographic printing press
Flexographic up to 16 Colours

Flexographic printing has grown to be the most used print technology in the label printing industry today, providing an optimal combination in quality, productivity, and flexibility. But what is flexo printing and how does it work?


Flexographic printing is a technique that uses a flexible printing plate. The plates are wrapped around cylinders on a web press. The inked plates have a raised image and rotate at high speeds to transfer the ink through small holes onto the substrate; each color requires a different printing plate. Flexo printing adapts well to different materials like thin film, paper, carton board, shrink sleeves, inmould, lamitube and flexible packaging.  

Cold Foil Cosmetic Label, Code It Labels Ltd, Risley, Warrington
Cold Foil

Cold foil is the application of a foil layer onto a substrate, this is just one of the methods we use to transfer foils to a surface. We’ve developed a wide range of cold foils for nearly every type of application. Cold foil is applied to completely smooth and flat label materials whilst laying completely flat. Available in a wide range of colours. Cold foil works well as an accent to simple label designs on smooth stock, such as film. This makes cold foil a popular choice for health & beauty and cosmetic labels.

Direct Thermal printed labels
Direct Thermal

Direct thermal labels are a cost-effective type of label made with the direct thermal printing process. In this process, a thermal print head is used to selectively heat specific areas of coated, thermo-chromatic (or thermal) paper.